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Based in Bath, UK

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If you have a question about your domain name, email, web site or web marketing, you can ring up and ask a real knowledgeable person. We will always give clients the information they need to assist them in making the right decision.

Search Engine Positioning

Being found by a Search Engine isn't the result of an accident but, by the same token, it isn't something that can be guaranteed. Promises of a top ten position on any serious Search Engine are, quite simply, false. However, correct design can prevent you from being penalised and give you the best possible chance of achieving a prominent position. ASWeb can provide all the advice you need for successful web marketing. Check the advice from Google.

Spam and Virus Protection

Unwanted and malicious email is the curse of the Internet today. Local filtering is useful and local virus protection should always be used but preventing such email from ever finding its way into your mailbox can greatly improve your security and peace of mind. For a very small annual fee, ASWeb can filter mail for your domain using constantly updated virus definitions and spam recognition software.

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